The Interprofessional Education (IPE) Curriculum Pillar team is chaired by Dr. Kathryn Neill, Associate Provost, Academics and Director of Interprofessional Administrative and Curricular Affairs. The Curriculum pillar team is one of the largest IPE pillar teams. The team has seven working subgroups and an intercollegiate council.

As of May 2015, all three phases of the Quadruple Aim IPE curriculum framework have been approved by UAMS five Colleges and the Graduate School. Students entering UAMS programs in Fall 2015, and forward, participate in Quadruple Aim curriculum activities as they are developed and implemented by the Office of Interprofessional Education, intercollegiate council, and governing curriculum bodies from each college.

The Quadruple Aim IPE curriculum framework consists of seven core activities designed to create relevant learning elements for interprofessional groups of students at novice, intermediate, and advanced levels. It is estimated that all three phases are completed through approximately 22.5 total contact hours.

Introduction to IPE Video

Individual College/Programs determine student progress through the Seven Core Actives. For more information on College/Program timelines, CLICK HERE

The Quadruple Aim Curriculum is the foundation of the UAMS interprofessional education and collaborative practice transformation. To prepare graduates to support the Quadruple Aim, it is essential that a curriculum is designed to support the development of interprofessional learning goals longitudinally while maintaining relevance for all learners. A strong curriculum foundation will help guide the IPE mission in an otherwise complex system.

Dr. Kat Neill
Associate Provost, Academics
Director of IPE Administrative and Curricular Affairs