The Quadruple Aim Project Proposal is completed by UAMS learners during the Immersion (intermediate) Phase of the Quadruple Aim 3-phase interprofessional curriculum.  The purpose is for interprofessional teams of students to work together to develop a project proposal that addresses a problem that relates to the Quadruple Aim.  The Quadruple Aim has three goals: 1) patient care/patient experience improvement, 2) population health improvement, or 3) healthcare cost reduction 4) provider satisfaction (professional wellness).  The final proposal will be in a format that is ready for implementation or replication by an interprofessional team.  Student teams will submit and present the project proposal and are not be responsible for implementation of the project.

What would you like to teach, evaluate, and/or implement in your division, department, or organization??  We ask because we have interprofessional teams of students that can help you! Students will be looking for project proposal ideas each year.  In an effort to maintain a robust collection of proposal ideas and to assist our campus and community with implementation, we are asking for project proposal ideas.  Project proposal ideas are welcome from students, faculty, staff, and our community partners.

You may submit proposals two ways:

Complete the online form here
Download the PDF, fill it out, and email it to:

We appreciate your continued support of Interprofessional Education in student curriculum.
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