Exposure Bridge Activities

Quadruple Aim activities are designed to support students’ development of Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC) Competency Domains and Quadruple Aim goals.

Complete an Exposure Bridge Activity

To complete the Exposure Bridge Transition activity:

  1. Students must be enrolled in the IPE Exposure Bridge Transition course in Blackboard by first enrolling in IPEC 1201-001  (or 100 depending on your IPE Program Timeline) in GUS. For questions about enrollment, please contact IPE@uams.edu.
  2. Students must submit a  participation verification form and reflective essay in Blackboard within 7 days following participation in the activity

Exposure Shadowing/Participation Verification Form

The Student Verification Form, IPE written reflection form, and written reflection grading rubric are available within the IPE IPEC 1201-001 Exposure Bridge Transition course in Blackboard.

2 – Exposure: Bridge Activity

We several dates scheduled for online delivery!
Specific workshop information is in Blackboard course IPEC 1201-001, which you must be enrolled in to access course materials and participate.

Please CLICK HERE to register.


03/01/21 Exposure Bridge – A Place at the Table (National Nutrition Month)
03/15/21 Climate Change, Public Health & Environmental Justice in the United States
04/05/21 One Health  (Public Health Week)

Please contact our office for more information on completing your #2 Exposure Bridge requirement (ipe@uams.edu)


SKILLS TRAINING EVENTS – No events currently scheduled due to COVID-19


Please contact our office for more information on completing your #2 Exposure Bridge requirement (ipe@uams.edu)


Shadow/Participate with an Interprofessional Team at work

To see a list of approved sites and information to make an appointment for participation CLICK HERE

For information to register a new authorized shadowing site CLICK HERE.