August 29, 2022

Medicine & Meaning Looking for 55-Word Stories!

Following the example of University of Washington, UAMS is making our Medicine and Meaning page a place to share our collective stories as we TOGETHER go through this strange time. These emotions of fear, anxiety, frustration but also of collegiality, courage and hope, have the potential to enhance our sense of belonging to a great healthcare institution. Knowing that others are going through similar emotions and share our humanity is helpful and can have a significant and lasting positive effect for all.

The rules, as stated in the 2000 JAMA article by Sheetz and Fry are as follows: to tell— preferably in 55 words exactly—a story that helps us to understand, or to appreciate, something about a patient or about the practice of medicine. Pieces may be shared anonymously.

If you are interested in sharing a short reflection (55 words or fewer – poetry or prose or mix) about how the COVID-19 outbreak has impacted you to understand, appreciate, or process something about the impact, response, or practice of medicine and healthcare at this moment, email your 55-word text to

We invite ALL members of the UAMS team to contribute across all professions and roles.