UAMS team members are a diverse, and talented, group.

Becoming a certified faculty facilitator in student events is a great way to share those talents.
Our office has training opportunities to become certified in multiple types of events.

The process is easy!
Check out our “How do I get certified?” page here.

For more information about the certification process, or to check your progress, please contact our office

Here is a list of student events you can become certified to facilitate:

Exposure Workshop –

Offered at the start of fall semester, typically over a three-day period.

This introductory workshop exposes new students to the concepts of IPE. (~ 3 hours) 

Events are considered “live” even if held vai ZOOM.

Student Movie Night

Typically offered either the 1st Monday and 3rd Thursday of each month in fall/spring semesters.

Students view topical documentaries/movies (based on monthly national health initiatives) and participate in facilitated interprofessional discussions afterwards.

Events are considered “live” even if held vai ZOOM.

12th Street HWC

Offered Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 4-7 pm.

At this free clinic, students shadow interprofessional, student-led teams, providing care and education to Arkansans. 

ONLINE Common Book Reading

Offered, once, at the beginning of fall and spring semesters.

Online learners participate in a four-week course in Blackboard reading The Deadly Choices at Memorial, holding interprofessional discussions, and writing reflections. 

Quadruple Aim Project Proposals

Presentations occur once during fall and spring semesters. 

Student teams develop a proposal to meet quadruple aim goals and objectives. They then present to other teams, and judges (facilitators), to compete for best proposal.

Events are considered “live” even if held vai ZOOM.


Typically offered the 2nd Monday and 4th Thursday of each month during fall and spring semesters. Afternoon sessions.

Teams participate in interprofessional simulations with topics such as Error Disclosure, Immunization, and Research Advocacy.

Events are considered “live” even if held vai ZOOM.

Competence Workshop

Typically offered once per month during the fall and spring semester. 

Focus on delivering advanced quadruple aim content relevant to learners entering practice or post-graduate training. 

Events are considered “live” even if held vai ZOOM.