FAQ for Students

What are the IPE courses?

  • IPE IPEC 1101 Exposure Workshop – 001(Onsite) and 100 (Online)
  • IPE IPEC 1201 Exposure Bridge – 001 (Onsite) and 100 (Online)
  • IPE IPEC 1301 Immersion Quadruple Aim Project – 001 (Onsite) and 100 (Online)
  • IPE IPEC 1401 Immersion Simulation – 001 (Onsite) and 100 (Online)
  • IPE IPEC 1501 Competence Workshop – 001 (Onsite) and 100 (Online)
  • IPE IPEC 1601 Competence Practice Activity – 001 (Onsite)
  • IPE IPEC 1701 Competence Student Educator Activity – 001 (Onsite)

These courses are located in Blackboard under MyCourses. You will self-enroll or be block enrolled according to your program. Please review your College/Program timeline to
determine which section is correct for your enrollment – 001 (Onsite/Live) or 100 (Online). Please note that ALL 001(Onsite) activities will be conducted remotely until COVID-19
restrictions are removed. If you would generally complete the 001 course, you will still enroll in that course. Do NOT enroll in the 100 Online course unless that is the designated
course for your program.

How do I know which IPE courses to complete and when?

Students should refer to their College/Program’s IPE Timeline for details regarding designated time/session/approved options to complete IPE requirements. College/Program timelines are
posted on the IPE website here.

Where do I find available dates and sessions to register for a particular IPE activity?

Session dates for live events and further details are available on the Seven Core IPE Activities page of the IPE website here – https://ipe.uams.edu/student-curriculum/seven-core-activities/.
Locate the type of activity (#2 Exposure Bridge Transition, #4 Immersion Simulation, etc.) and navigate to the activity page for more information and registration links.

Who do I contact with questions?

IPE Program Contacts are listed, per college/program, on the IPE Program Timelines webpage.
Or, you can email the Office of Interprofessional Education at ipe@uams.edu or call 501-686-5686.

IPE Course Enrollment in GUS

Students must be enrolled in the corresponding IPE courses in GUS to complete IPE activities.

Please CLICK HERE  for instructions on how to enroll in IPE courses in GUS. IPE courses are open for a full academic year, and registration for IPE courses in GUS is available year-round. Please see the registration schedule below:

IPE GUS Registration Schedule


IPE Self-Registration – All colleges except COM

Semester Open Date Close Date Remarks
Fall 2023 06/12/2023 11/12/2023
Spring 2024 11/13/2023 TBD

If you are unable to enroll in the course and have further questions, please contact the Office of IPE at ipe@uams.edu

How do I view my completed IPE milestones in GUS?