September 1, 2016

Already facilitating interprofessional education events? — Our Exemption Policy

The Office of IPE recognizes that there are UAMS faculty among us who are already engaged in interprofessional education activities and have been for some time.  While you still can participate in our IPE Facilitator and Master Facilitator certification processes, some of you may wish to be acknowledged for your already-existing expertise in IPE facilitation.

If so, please submit the online form found HERE for review by the Office of IPE Faculty Development Committee.  Be sure to be specific and include dates of participation. You will also need to include a PDF version of your current CV.


Information needed for IPE  Certification Special Exemption:

  • Please list each of the IPE events you have facilitated (it is acceptable to copy/paste from your CV) and add the name and profession of all co-presenters for that event, as well as the professions in which the student attendees are training. Most importantly, describe how interprofessional learners are learning about, from, and with each other and which core competencies you think are skills being developed during the event (teamwork, shared values/ethics, communication, and/or understanding roles/responsibilities).
  • Please note that there are two different types of certification. Effective facilitation of one type of IPE event (e.g., exposure workshop, research project advisor, movie review, 12th Street preceptor, etc) is termed IPE Facilitator Certification.  Effective facilitation of three or more types of IPE events is termed Master IPE Facilitator Certification. If upon review of your materials the Office of IPE Faculty Development Committee is unable to determine the nature/extent of your IPE facilitation activities the Committee may request additional information and/or observe your facilitation of your IPE event.