Interprofessional Education Exposure Phase Bridge Transition Shadowing Activity

Preceptor/Supervisor Agreement

Dear Site Preceptor/Supervisor,

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) encourages and requires experiential (observational and hands-on) learning as a part of every student’s Interprofessional Education (IPE).  Shadowing opportunities for novice students provide direct, observational and practical (as applicable) work experience paired with intentional learning strategies to foster interaction among two or more professions for academic, personal, and career-oriented growth and reflection. Toward these goals, we encourage and challenge each student participating in the Exposure phase of the IPE curriculum to work with you and your team to fulfill a positive and meaningful interprofessional learning experience.

Expectations for this shadowing experience include:

  • Introduction to the members of the interprofessional team
  • Orientation to the Quadruple Aim goal(s) addressed by the team’s work
    • Improve patient care/patient experience
    • Improve population health
    • Decrease cost of care
    • Improve provider satisfaction/wellness
  • Discussion of the roles/responsibilities of team members in meeting Quadruple Aim goals

Upon completion of the experience, an IPE Shadowing Verification Form should be signed by the preceptor to document the student’s participation.  The student will submit this form as well as a reflective essay in Blackboard detailing their experience in the learning activity.  Questions addressed in the essay are included in the Quadruple Aim IPE Exposure Phase – Bridge Activity Reflection Assignment.  If you are willing to participate as a shadowing site for students, please submit online using the web form below.  For any questions, please contact Dr. Kat Neill at


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