The Quadruple Aim Project Proposal is to be completed by eligible UAMS learners during the Immersion Phase. Eligible learners are those who have completed the Exposure Phase. The purpose of this activity is for interprofessional teams of students to work together to develop a project proposal that addresses a problem related to the Quadruple Aim. The interprofessional student team is responsible for developing and presenting the project proposal only. Teams will not be responsible for implementation of the project. The Quadruple Aim has four goals:

1) patient care/patient experience improvement,

2) population health improvement,

3) healthcare cost reduction, and

4) provider satisfaction (professional wellness)

For more information on the Quadruple Aim, please CLICK HERE. A bank of project proposal ideas is available for each of the Quadruple Aim goals.

Guidelines for incorporation of the Quadruple Aim Project Proposal are set by each college/program. The timing and method of students’ participation in the Quadruple Aim Project Proposal is assigned according to these college-­‐specific guidelines. Pathways to entry may include:

1) student self-­‐selection of a project proposal or

2) individual college and/or program assignment or

3) student submission of project proposal and student created team.

Teams will work collaboratively to develop their project proposal. Student teams will submit a written project proposal summary and will present their project during a designated Quadruple Aim Project Proposal Presentation session.

Teams will work with a Faculty Facilitator who mentors and supervises project proposal development and progress. Faculty Facilitators are identified in project descriptions.

For the Quadruple Aim Project Proposal activity to be considered complete teams must:

1.) Complete and submit a written proposal summary. This should be no more than 3 pages.

     a. The final proposal summary should be uploaded to Blackboard in the IPE IPEC 1301-001 Immersion Quadruple Aim Project course in Blackboard. This assignment is titled “Quadruple Aim Proposal Written Summary.” Only one person from each team should upload the final summary. All team members should be listed in the summary report to receive credit.

2) Create an oral presentation. The team will present the project proposal during a designated Quadruple Aim Project Proposal Presentation session.

     a. The Quadruple Aim Project Proposal Presentation session consists of approximately 5-­‐7 team presentations in a 1.5 – 2 hr session. Each team will present their project proposal for a maximum of 10 minutes (e.g. presentation for 8 minutes and Q&A session for 2 minutes). Presentations can be in the format of the team’s choosing (ex. PowerPoint,
Prezi format, video, etc.)

     b. The final presentation materials should be uploaded to Blackboard in the IPE IPEC 1301-001 Immersion Quadruple Aim Project course in Blackboard – no later than 2 days before the scheduled presentation session. This assignment is titled “Quadruple Aim Proposal Presentation.” Only one person from each team should upload the final presentation materials. All team members should be listed in the summary report to receive credit.

     c. Team proposals will be evaluated by IPE Faculty and Faculty Facilitators using the criteria set forward in the guidelines for summary and oral presentation. Teams will also provide peer evaluations for other presenting teams. Peer evaluations will be turned in at the end of the presentation session.

Awards are often given to the teams with the with the 3 highest scores for the session. Top scoring teams may be invited to participate in a Quadruple Aim Project Proposal Presentation Symposium. Superior proposals will be honored and acknowledgement will be made of proposals that were accepted and/or implemented by soliciting agencies or department.


Students in the IPE Immersion Phase will cover the following learning outcomes.

Learning Unit Domain 1: Values/Ethics for Interprofessional Practice

1. Work in cooperation with those who receive care, those who provide care, and/or others who contribute to or support the delivery of prevention and health services and programs.

2. Develop a trusting relationship with patients, families, and/or other team members.

Learning Unit Domain 2: Roles and Responsibilities

1. Explain the roles and responsibilities of other providers/team members and how the team works together to provide care, promote health, and prevent disease.

2. Describe how professionals in health and other fields can collaborate and integrate clinical care and public health interventions to optimize population health.

Learning Unit Domain 3: Interprofessional Communication

1. Communicate information with patients, families, community members, and health care or team science members in a form that in understandable, avoiding discipline-­‐specific terminology when possible.

2. Give timely, sensitive, instructive feedback to others about their performance on the team, responding respectfully as a team member to feedback from others.

3. Recognize how one’s own uniqueness (experience level, expertise, culture, power, and hierarchy within the health care/health science team) contributes to effective communication, conflict resolution, and positive interprofessional working relationships.

Learning Unit Domain 4: Teams and Teamwork

1. Engage health and other professionals in shared patient-­‐centered and population-­‐focused problem-­‐solving.

2. Apply leadership practices that support collaborative practice and team effectiveness.

3. Use process improvement strategies to increase effectiveness of interprofessional teamwork and team-­‐based services, programs, and policies.

4. Use available evidence to inform effective teamwork and team-­‐based practices.

III. TEAM INSTRUCTIONS – Use these instructions to guide your team’s work.

Step 1:
Make initial contact with your Faculty Facilitator to set a time to discuss the project proposal and schedule first team meeting.

Step 2:
At the first team meeting, teams should:

*Review and discuss the assigned/proposed idea.  Define your team’s idea to meet
the project goal. Be specific with your defined project proposal and develop the idea fully in your proposal.

*Determine when your team will present your project proposal according to the
semester of participation. You must be present at the presentation session to receive credit for this activity.

     –Presentation date/time must be coordinated with your team’s faculty facilitator to ensure at least one facilitator is present. Please note that at least 2 team members must present during the oral presentation.

*Set a timeline to include team meetings to guide project proposal completion.
It is important that all team members actively participate. All team members will be evaluated for participation using a peer evaluation process. Inadequate team participation may result in unsatisfactory completion of the activity, and the student may be required to repeat the Quadruple Aim Project curriculum activity. It is up to your team to divide the work. 

*Be flexible in setting meeting times and structure. In order to accommodate your
busy schedules, feel free to be creative with meeting structure (i.e. web-­‐based meeting platforms)

Step 3:
Submit presentation date/time request to the IPE Office using SignUp Genius link when applicable. (Multiple sessions are not always available depending on semester offering.)

Step 4:
Create your team’s written project proposal summary. The project proposal summary should be an overview of your project and should be no more than 3 pages. The summary should address the components of the Quadruple Aim Project Proposal Guidelines as described in the next section.

Step 5:
Complete your team’s materials for the Quadruple Aim Project Proposal Presentation. Presentation format is flexible (e.g. PowerPoint, Prezi, video, etc.). Presentations will be a maximum of 10 minutes (i.e. presentation for 8 minutes and Q&A session for 2 minutes)

 Step 6:
Obtain faculty facilitator approval that proposal is ready to submit for presentation. Once approved by the faculty facilitator, team should upload written summary and presentation to the Blackboard IPE IPEC 1301-001 Immersion Quadruple Aim Project course in Blackboard – no later than 2 days prior to the scheduled presentation session. Only one person from your team should upload the final summary. 

Step 7:
Present your Quadruple Aim Project Proposal at your scheduled presentation session. We can’t wait to see your creative ideas!!! All team members will complete a team peer evaluation for other presenting teams. After completion of this session, team members will complete individual peer evaluations for each member of their team.


Please use the guidelines below to create your team’s project proposal summary, oral presentation, and accompanying materials. These guidelines are intended to give guidance on required elements, please feel free to add other pertinent information as necessary for completeness of your team’s submission.

Project Information
This includes your project title, identified Quadruple Aim Track and team members.

Key Elements:
** Title of Project

** Quadruple Aim Goal Addressed:
          –Patient care/experience improvement 
          –Population health improvement
          –Healthcare cost reduction
          –Provider satisfaction (professional wellness)

** Team Members

Project Goal and Objectives
Objectives should be clearly stated in terms of end points and outcomes. Be sure that you have defined your project idea to ensure that the idea may be fully developed. You may reference the Interprofessional Education Core competencies at to assist in the creation of your project’s specific objectives.

Key Elements:
** Goals/Specific Aims
** Which Outcomes Measured

Explain why this project should be completed. The proposal should provide supporting documentation to put the project in context of past and existing projects and rationale for the necessity of the current project. Your team should perform a literature review and/or identify previous work in this area to support your rationale for the project proposal. Briefly summarize your findings.

Key Elements:
** Supporting Documentation

Description of Proposal
The proposal should describe the project in sufficient detail that allows it to be implemented and/or replicated in the future. It is essential that you describe how an interprofessional team is required for implementation. This section should also address any risks or barriers and roles and responsibilities of team members required to implement the proposal.

Key Elements:
** Who is the target audience/population for implementation?

** Who are the stakeholders for implementation?
** What outcomes do you hope to achieve?
** How will you measure these outcomes?
** How soon could this project start? (feasibility of implementation)
** What would prevent this project from starting? (barriers to implementation)
** What is the timeline for implementation?
** What resources would be required to implement the project proposal? (ex. Funding, positions created, supplies, etc.) If money is needed, a budget should be developed.
** How will you measure success?

Roles and Responsibilities
One of the core components of the project proposal is that the team needed to implement the project be interprofessional (2 or more professions). This section should address the roles and responsibilities of the interprofessional team needed for successful implementation.

Key Elements:
** What is the ideal composition of the interprofessional team that would implement the project proposal?
** What are the roles and responsibilities of the interprofessional team members required to complete the project?

Significance & Potential Impact
How does your team’s project proposal address or make a positive contribution to the Quadruple Aim? What do you anticipate the magnitude of impact of the project to be following implementation?

Key Elements:
** Significance of project proposal

** Projected contribution to or effect on the Quadruple Aim

What reference materials/sources did the team use to develop/support the project proposal?

Key Elements:
Any references or background materials the team used in developing the above proposal. If there are no published and available references/materials, please include any data sources the team used.


Each team will be evaluated by IPE Faculty and Faculty Facilitators. Student teams will also provide peer evaluations for other presenting teams. Each team’s oral presentation and materials will be evaluated using the Evaluations link in Blackboard.