6 – Practice Activity

Triple Aim activities are designed to support students’ development of Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC) Competency Domains and Triple Aim goals.

This requirement can be completed by participating in one of the following APPROVED events:

  1. Service Learning Project/ Activity with an IP team:
    1. Health Fair
    2. IP Clinic
      1. 12th Street Health and Wellness Center
      2. North Street Free Clinic
      3. Other approved free clinic
    3. IP Rounds
    4. IP Research Team
    5. IP Regulatory Team

Complete Practice Activity

To complete the Practice Activity:

  1. Students must be enrolled in the IPE Competence Practice Activity course in Blackboard. For questions about enrollment, please contact IPE@uams.edu.
  2. Students must submit a practice activity verification form and reflective essay in Blackboard within 7 days following participation in the activity. 

Practice Activity Verification Form

The Practice Activity Verification form, IPE practice activity written reflection, and reflection grading rubric are available in the Assignments Tab within the IPE Practice Activity course under My Communities in Blackboard.

Boo at the Zoo – Bag Stuffin’ and Oral Health Education

Join Ashley McMillan, DDS and Jennifer Stane, RDH as we stuff bags with goodies for Boo at the Zoo AND learn about oral health statistics and how to do oral health examinations.

Oral health is VITAL to overall health! The mouth is a window into what’s going on in the rest of the body and can help detect early signs and symptoms of systemic disease. 

All colleges/programs are welcome to participate!

Oct. 15th
3:30 – 5:00 pm
RAHN 1210 (IPE Office)


Fluoride Varnish Application – Boo at the Zoo

Students are invited to participate in a project sponsored by UAMS, the Delta Dental Foundation, and the Office of Interprofessional Education.

Students will attend the Boo at the Zoo from 5:30- 9:30 and apply fluoride varnish to children’s teeth. 

NOTE:  Participants MUST have completed dental varnish application training. 

Other activities will also include:
*assist with set up and tear down of station in Cafe Africa


12th Street Health & Wellness Center

Registration for participation and verification of participation for 12th Street HWC is maintained through the Volgistics volunteer system. 

More information is available on the 12th Street HWC website here.

North Street Clinic (Fayetteville)

Students at the Northwest campus are assigned to the North Street Clinic by their individual departments. 

More information is available on the North Street Clinic website here

MPH Applied Practice Experience (APE)

MPH students may complete their IPE Practice Activity through the Applied Practice Experience. (COPH 5989)

For more information on the APE program please check out the COPH website and speak with your Program Advisor. 

PFCC Communication Board Project

Students are invited to participate in a project sponsored by the Center for Patients and Families.  This project targets improving patient satisfaction scores related to communication.  Specifically, the project will investigate the use of the in-room Patient Communication Board.  Students will visit an inpatient unit and deliver a brief survey to the patient/family member in each room regarding the use of the communication board.  Patient/family surveys will be completed over a 5-week period to establish baseline data. 


NOTE:  Participants MUST have completed HIPAA training, all Immunization Requirements and TB skin test screening as you will be visiting patient care areas. 

Central Arkansas VA- Interprofessional Diagnostic Procedure

Interprofessional Clinical Practice Team – Outpatient

For more information CLICK HERE


Other events/practice sites will be added as they become available.
Please check back regularly. 

Possible upcoming events:
Mission of Mercy Dental Clinic (Apr, 2019) 

For information on becoming an authorized Practice Activity Site CLICK HERE.