May 15, 2019

Culinary Medicine + Student Wellness =’s Yum!

Tuesday, May 14th, the OIPE sponsored a Culinary Medicine demonstration with the help of UAMS Nutrition Services director Tonya Johnson!

Students and faculty were treated to a delicious, heart-healthy, vegetarian meal that aligns with the DASH Diet and Mediterranean Diet.
Using brown rice, which is a whole grain, tempeh, and fresh vegetables seasoned with garlic, onion, and other spices, the chefs cooked up a tempeh fried rice that had people lined up in the lobby!

Students and faculty lined up to get their free sample of tempeh fried rice.


Dr. Tung-chin Chian (COPH) shows off her delicious lunch and free cookbook provided by UAMS Nutrition Services.

Everyone was also encouraged to check out the Wall of Yum! and leave a little healthy tip or trick for others to see:

It was a great day on the 1st floor of the RAHN Building (Bruce Commons).
Thanks to everyone who stopped by!