April 29, 2019

Congratulations to the 2019 Spring Triple Aim Project Proposal Winners!


Student Research Day was, once again, a resounding success. With 26 teams presenting on multiple topics, the top three teams were separated by only TWO points!

1st Place: Building Trust With LGBTQ Patients

(not in any particular order)
Elizabeth Moore, COM
John Patterson, COM
Josephine White, CON
Anel Guapo, CON
Andrew Wall, COP/COPH
Brayden Fountain, COP
Facilitator (not pictured): Masil George, MD, Director of Geriatric Palliative Care Program for UAMS Reynolds Institute on Aging

2nd Place: Medication Reconciliation

(not in any particular order)
Conor Smith, COM
Annabeth Ingram, CON
Lauren Lafleche, CON
Nick Byrd, COP
Lindy Barnes, COP
Sarah Talley, COP
Facilitator (not pictured): Christi Smith, PharmD, Assistant Director of Pharmacy for UAMS College of Pharmacy

3rd Place: Opioid Education for High School Students

(not in any particular order)
Kyle Johns, CHP
Levi Watson, COM
Kayla Boardman, CON
Amanda Graves, CON
Zakary Kendrick, COP
Joshua Hall, COPH
Facilitator (not pictured): Amber Marshall, Statewide Pre-Health Program Coordinator for UAMS Regional Programs


1st Place: “Interdisciplinary North Street Elective”
Charles Cassidy, COP
Christopher Croson, COP
Emily Deitchler, CHP
Megan James, CHP

2nd Place: “Improved Patient Care and Turnover Through Clinic by Implementing a North Street Clinic Orientation Day”
Hannah Blakley, COM
Allen Snider, COP
Dayton Vire, COP
Jacob Webber, CHP
Emily Weldon, COM


3rd Place: “Enhancing Mental Wellness”
David Catlin, COM
Rachel Goff, COM
Cortni Hicks, COP
Taylor Perry, CHP
Tyler Sweat, COP