March 30, 2018

Congratulations to the Spring 2018 Triple Aim Presentation Winners!

Congratulations to the spring 2018 Triple Aim Presentation Winners from Student Research Day (03/06).

With 50 teams competing (main campus and NW campus) this semester, the competition was tough! 


1st Place: Integrated Behavioral Health
(From left to right)
Xin Li – COPH
Julie Marcks – CON
Randolph Nace – CON
Amy Bucks – CON
Madeline Sparling – COM
Michael Occidental – COM
Faculty Facilitator: Dr. Wendy Ward, COM

2nd Place: Mental Health Awareness (Team 2)
(from left to right)
Kayla Yount – CONN
Hannah Lawson- CON
Allison Jackson – CON
Margaret “Caty” May – COPH
Sarah “Hope” Quattlebaum – COP
Lauren Rutland – CHP
Sasha Ridgell – COM
Faculty Facilitator: Dr. Purushottam Thapa, COM

3rd Place: Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Event (Team 1)
(Back row, left to right)
Michael Elkins – COM
Payton Snodgrass – COP
Blake Davidson – COM
(Front row, left to right)
Shelby Harden – CHP
Bailey Mcnair – CON
Maranda Jenkins – CHP
Madyson Harmon – CON
Faculty Facilitator: Mr. Larry Taylor, Center for Patients and Families

Prizes are available at the front desk of the IPE Office – RAHN 1210.


1st Place: North Street Clinic – Online Module to Improve Content & Efficiency of Orientation for First-Time Students
(from left to right)
Kemmian Johnson – COM
Logan Shelton – CHP
Colm Donohoe – CHP
Jessie Koster – COM
Sarah Smith – COP
Lacy Patterson – COP
Haley Siegrist – CHP
Faculty Facilitator: Jonell Hudson, COP

2nd Place: How to Improve Treatment Adherence in the North Street Clinic
(from left to right)
Matt Blaha – COP
Taylor Quattlebaum – COM
Clinton Peter – COP
Faculty Facilitator: Michelle Balli, COP

3rd Place: Get Health UAMS Initiative on NW Campus – Monthly Email Series for Employers

Cody Baker – COM
Rachel Pruett – COM
Andrew Gott – COP
Harmony Penny – CHP
Falon Lacey – COP
Concietta Daniels – CHP
Faculty Facilitator: John Jeffers, CHP