January 19, 2018

Congratulations to the 2017 Fall Triple Aim Project Proposal Winners!

Though several scores were very close, we are happy to announce the Top 3 Scoring teams.  An article will be coming out to celebrate these teams and their projects.  It will be posted on the IPE website and communicated to a variety of campus newsletters.  The top 3 teams are listed below.  The scores separating 1st place from 3rd place are less than 1/3 of a point!  In addition to award certificates, each team member receives a prize listed below.  Please congratulate these colleagues when you see them!

Winners may pick up their award certificate and prize at the IPE desk – 1st floor of the RAHN building in the suite beside the rotating door.

1st place: Integrated Behavioral Health Team 1 – Each team member receives a UAMS stainless steel mug

Names listed are not necessarily in the correct order of the above photo.

Sarah Schreve – CHP – Physician Assistant
Abigail Wilhite – COM
Nawar Hudefi – COM
Rebecca Gray – COPH – Health Administration
Joshua Goodner – COP

This project seeks to help thyroid cancer patients cope with depression and improve their quality of life by creating a Peer Mentoring group to encourage mental health and follow-up care. According to the European Journal of Cancer, depression among cancer patients is five times higher than that in the general population, and patients with pancreatic, thyroid and brain tumors showed the greatest prevalence in the group.  The team proposed to build a system to identify post-thyroidectomy patients at risk for depression and establish peer-mentoring groups involving new patients, mentors, and case workers. These groups would encourage open communication between the patients to promote mental health and improve health outcomes post-surgery.

Names listed are not necessarily in the correct order of the above photo.

2nd place: Integrated Behavioral Health Team 2 – Each team member receives a TEAM UAMS t-shirt

Meagan Backs – CHP – Physician Assistant
Yinan Yang – COM
Zuzana Sisperova – COM
Alisha Crump  – COPH
Payton Clyburn – COPH – MHA

This project seeks to encourage healthy behaviors in patients of the UAMS Endocrine clinic by creating a walking group for patients with Type II Diabetes. Walking is known to be a low impact exercise that can relieve stress, lower blood pressure, cut cholesterol, and increase insulin sensitivity. The program would encourage physical activity while also demonstrating the importance of a healthy lifestyle and providing a social support to those that may not have a support group. Studies have shown that one of the greatest impediments to increased physical activity and positive health outcomes in Type II Diabetes patients a lack of social support (Adeniyi, Idowu, Ogwumike, & Adeniyi, 2012). The proposed walking group would be a 12 week program involving student volunteers, members the UAMS Healthcare staff, and patients of the UAMS Endocrine clinic. Participants would meet weekly to discuss health outcomes, their challenges, and spend time exercising together.

3rd place: Harmony Health – Each team member receives a UAMS aluminum water bottle

Names listed are not necessarily in the correct order of the above photo.













Rachel Ekdahl – COM
Robyn Hanna  – COM
Alexandra Bader – COM
Kacey Hight – COP
Liz Wenzel – COPH

This projects aims to create a productive and sustainable produce garden at Harmony Health Clinic and conduct healthy cooking classes with clinic patients. Nationwide, 29 million Americans have diabetes, and Arkansas has the fourth highest rate in the nation (State of Obesity, 2016). The target audience would be low income patients, especially those with diabetes and other diet-related chronic diseases. Using the successful methodology implemented at the 12th Street Health and Well and the Interprofessional Garden, the project will encourage students and patients to work together as a means to improve population health by focusing on an issue that affects the daily life of a broad span of the population.

Congratulations to all on a terrific course!